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Ladi the Musician

Ladi's goal is to gravitate success to Dallas/Fort Worth through the next generation of local superstars embedded in the community.


"It's about the movement, not the man"

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Sam Alvarez

Digital creator from Oklahoma City. Owner of Blankspace and Samscreative


Rob Grizzle

Multi-instrumentalist and singer out of Valencia, Spain.


"Learning life and music one measure at a time, healing with love as my path unwinds."

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Kait Spaid

Multi-media artist from Lake Charles, Louisiana


Jaymes Brass

Multi-instrumentalist and performer creating catchy tunes paired with interpersonal, quirky lyrics that move the mind & body

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Sherman Young

Videographer and owner of Young Productions, based in Fort Worth, TX


Gerry Eastman

Legendary composer, conductor & musician Gerry Eastman. Gerry has worked with artists like Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, Etta Jones and the Isley Brothers to name a few. He has owned and operated the Williamsburg Music Center in Brooklyn, New York since 1981.


Preach the Poet

Artist, Spiritual Guide and Motivator

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Tessa Goetz

Oil painter from Oklahoma City

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Gentry Leach

Painter and creator from Oklahoma City

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Rob the Hippie

Rapper, Artist, Communicator


Justin King

American multi-genre musician, singer/rapper from Fort Worth Texas


Dan Tennyson

Singer/Songwriter from Fort Worth, TX "I believe musicians have a duty, a responsibility to reach out, to share your love or pain with others.” - James Taylor

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Laser Beam Dean

Laser and Visual artist. Featured at Lollapalooza, Ubbi Dubbi, Red Rocks, and more

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Gerardo Ruiz

Abstract artist from Houston East End

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Liz Boudreaux

Ceramics guru

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Recording Artist & Songwriter out of Brooklyn, New York

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Andy Moontown

Rapper/Producer out of Dallas, Texas

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Gabriel Deshaune Parker

Musician out of Dallas, Texas

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Jacob Lovett

Jacob Lovett was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. In 2021, Lovett combined his prior work experience in events with his passion for art to create Muse. Muse. is Fort Worth’s newest shared studio space and event venue. Founded on the idea to provide a place where local artists, creatives and entrepreneurs can work, connect and collaborate with one another. 

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Singer/Songwriter out of Houston, Texas

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Producer from Fort Worth, TX


Blakk Mambo

Bassist, guitarist, trumpet player, rapper, and producer out of Fort Worth, TX

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Producer and lyricist from Dallas, TX

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Carl Bernicker

Guitarist for several EDM acts in TX as well as the rock band Pretty Little Thieves. "Trying to save the world one cosmically epic riff at a time."

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Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 10.15.53 PM.png

Patrick Pombuena

Multi-instrumentalist based in Arlington, Texas. Saxophonist for Artemis Funk, Bassist for Barstool Brothers


Medi D

Singer/Songwriter out of Brooklyn, New York

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Kane Vinson


Ben Harrison

Singer/Songwriter from Houston, TX

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