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About the Movement

The Work in Progress Movement strives to build community through art, education, and philanthropy. We partner with local artists, musicians, charities, and businesses to organize events and festivals that directly benefit our communities.

Work in Progress is the ongoing pursuit of creative and technical development. It’s about persistence and grit – in whatever you do. Our movement spreads this message of positive reinforcement and provides a platform for talent, culture, and commerce.

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Hayden Redmon

IMG_2932 2.heic

"Make your map."

Fort Worth, TX
Head of Marketing, Design, and Creative Partnerships
Musician @delmareraband


John Wright
"Johnny Spreadsheets" 

"Get busy livin'."

Fort Worth, TX
Head of Talent Management, Finance, Due Diligence
Musician/Producer @delmareraband


Thomas Jones
"Tommy, TJ, Tom"

classicu 2021-07-16 185113.023.jpeg

"Everything you need to be already exists inside you"

Oklahoma City, OK

Midwest/Oklahoma Art and Talent Curator, Marketing, Design.
Head of Tech and Online Development
Artist @jones.WIP


Alec Flynn

Austin, TX
Texas W.I.P Event coordinator


Alec Flynn.png

Serena Brown

Serena Brown.png

Brooklyn, NY
W.I.P Event Coordinator


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